Sunday, March 2, 2014

Only 40 days to go! France, Italy, Prague, here we come!

Bookings have been arranged, ideas hatched and plans made.

The berets and scarves have been found in the deep recesses of the cupboards, comfy walking shoes have been purchased and the cameras are ready to get snapping. I can’t wait to capture some beautiful sights and magic memories on film.

We’ve been practicing our French (some of us are better at this than others, but Adam deserves an A for effort anyway! It’s been so entertaining listening to him try to roll his R’s and make the nasal tones typical of the French language.) Luckily we still have a few more weeks to practice. We will also attempt to learn a little Italian, though I’m finding the Czech language quite difficult to get my head (and tongue!) around. Once we are there I’m sure we’ll become more adept and comfortable in speaking in another language. We just need to get in there and have a go. Alex enjoyed saying bonjour, au revoir and merci when we were in France a few years ago, and now she’s keen to expand her vocabulary. Go girl! 🙂

The suitcases have been dragged out of hibernation, and in the coming weeks plan to pack them with everything on the packing list and then trimming the fat so to speak – taking out what we don’t really need. Pack light is the motto. Also we need to keep plenty of room for all our holiday purchases of course!

For now though, we just wait and watch the holiday countdown clock tick closer and closer to 9pm Friday April 11 2014.


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