Brisbane Airport, Queensland, Australia

Friday, April 11, 2014

The last 40 days have absolutely flown by, I can’t believe we will be winging our way halfway around the globe in less than 3 short hours!

We passed through customs without a problem, of course, but it’s funny how even though you know you haven’t done anything wrong you get nervous until you’re waved through the checkpoint. Well, I do anyway…


We’re chilling out with a coffee while we wait to board the plane, the wine can wait until we’re on board. Adam tried to get into the Emirates lounge but was knocked back because we aren’t in the Gold Club or something. Bugger. Would have liked a massage and a cocktail while we wait…


Looking out the window just now, I think I saw our plane pull up at our gate. We are lucky enough to be travelling on an Emirates A380. Alex and I went on one last time we went to France. It feels so much more spacious and comfortable than the older jumbo jets. And they serve the kind of airline food you look forward to eating!

Hopefully we’ll be able to get some sleep on the Brisbane -Dubai leg of the trip.

Can’t wait to tell you about our first day in Paris!

A bientot!


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