About 20 years ago I was a mad Stephen King fan. Not that I don’t love his work now – I do! – but I discovered other genres that I began to enjoy as well.

Rose Madder

One Stephen King book that has stuck in my mind for all these years was Rose Madder, which I thoroughly enjoyed when it was first released around 1994. Being the kind and generous person I am, I lent the book to my cousin who I believe promptly lost it, although she denies ever having seen it…

In multiple house moves I’ve searched through my bookcases to no avail, just in case it had found its way home.

Imagine my pleasure when I found a copy in a Lifeline bookstore for only $8! I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it again. I was halfway through another novel at the time, so Rose Madder sat tantalisingly close on my bedside table until I was finished.

The story was just as weird and wonderful as I remembered! I felt fury at crooked cop Norman for abusing his poor wife Rose Daniels, rooted Rose on when she finally found the courage to leave him, and was on the absolute edge of my seat as he used his scarily accurate instincts to track her down, drawing ever closer. And the incredible picture Rose found in Bill Steiner’s shop? Typical Stephen King brilliance. I could not put this book down (again)!

Do you like Stephen King novels? Which is your favourite? Have you read Rose Madder?


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