Dear Gen Y Aussies,

I’m sure you’ve discovered that these days it’s not easy to break into the housing market, even the rental market is getting more and more challenging! As much as it sounds so lovely and easy to stay living at home with Mum and Dad, getting your meals cooked and clothes washed for you, eventually we all have to grow up properly and move into our own home.

Mainly due to the high price of houses, it’s getting hard for you to save for the deposit isn’t it? Sacrifices to lifestyle have to be made in order to attain the amount required for a down payment on your own little abode. Starting with your favourite coffee shop meal.

Fancy pants smashed avo, Cafe style

So many Gen Y’s are hooked on ordering their smashed avocado on toast for brekky or lunch at their local trendy cafe. Don’t get me wrong, that bumpy green fruit with its soft, creamy centre is magnificent on some lovely fresh sourdough toast, topped with more soft creaminess in the form of Persian Feta, a squeeze of lemon and some freshly ground pepper, but that simple and delicious breakfast option is the trend of the moment and doesn’t come cheap. I’ve seen 2 slices of smashed avo toast going for $18 and over around the place. Add your fancy double shot, almond milk latte and you’re getting close to $30! If you have this every day, you’ve munched away over $10,000 that you could’ve used towards your house deposit! Crazy!!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered smashed avocado toast from the superfood bar next door to my office (they had just released their brand new winter menu and I was curious to try it), it was delicious and if not for the price I would’ve loved to eat it every day for lunch. It was $9 for ONE slice of toast! I tried to fool myself that it was worth paying that due to the divine cashew aioli and dukkah on top, but I knew it would send me broke in no time. As sweet and lovely (and good looking!!) as the guys are in the superfood bar, I come to work to make myself rich, not them.

Superfood bar smashed avo

So instead I asked my boss to buy a toaster to keep in the tea room for us all to use. I bought a loaf of Soy Linseed gluten free bread, an avocado and a tub of Persian feta and kept it all in the office fridge. That load cost me less than $20, and has given me 5 lunches so far. And those lunches were two slices of toast at a time. I’ll just add right now that as you can see my smashed avo is nowhere near as pretty as the ones from the cafe or the superfood bar, but it’s no less tasty!

Ugly but tasty. Tastes like I saved money!

My point is, if I’d bought those 5 lunches from next door, and had two slices instead of one, I would’ve been out of pocket $90. We also have a Nespresso machine in the office so we don’t need to spend $5 each time we need a caffeine hit.

So my lovely youngsters, take it from this wise old Gen X’er. You don’t need to give up your smashed avo, just make it yourself. Just watch your savings build up. You’ll thank me later.

love Meredith





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